Prince unleases another Beast and this time it's wearing the Hybrid label

It' been over a year since Prince has unleased the 'beast' xp onto the world! and just recently brought on board the No. 1 doubles team in the world to promote it.  The Bryan Brothers have been with Prince with some time but making a change to a new string has not come quickly.  Prince engineers worked two years on a high-speed video to fine tune the testing.  This monofilament string supposedly provides an unsurpassed precision and offers a response to meet a wide range of tensions and rackets.  This green colored string comes in a 16 (1.30mm) and a 17g(1.25mm) gauge.     

See a short video on the release of the beast in 2010.

Hybrid strings are not new to Prince especially since they did create the original hybrid - Problend which many of us have loved to hate! but offering a complete Hybrid selection to meet all playing styles might be.  Although the art of finding the 'Perfect' hybrid string still relys on the expertise of the racket technician , many manufacturers have found ways to package up some combinations to meet many playing styles. Prince makes it easy to find just the right combination for your game.

Prince is currently offering 6 hybrids including the NEW BEAST Attack Hybrid  among its Hybrid selection.  The hybrid line up is as follows:  Beast Attack Hybrid, Hybrid Power EXP, Tour Blend, Hybrid Spin 3D, Problend with Duraflex and Syn Gut poly blend.

The Beast Attack Hybrid includes all the 'beast' characteristics with an added string to tame it down. The hybrid includes Prince Beast Poly string and the Prince Premier Attack Multifilament.  Comes in a 16 or 17 g.  Look for it at online retailers for around $14.00.

Here is a link to the strings:  Prince Beast, Prince Beast Attack Hybrid, Prince Premier Attack.

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