How to really suck at racket stringing and common mishaps

How to really suck at racket stringing.  Ok, so you are a little new, just watched the pro down at the club string a few frames, you're in a hurry to get that racket done cause you wanna get out on the court and hit but the customer wants it done quick.  Slap that frame in the old drop-weight, forget to tighten the clamps cause they take so long to reef down...and your ready to go.  That damn string won't uncoil right and so you just keep tugging at it creating knot after knot, hey a little kinking won't hurt anything. Finally ten minutes later you got the string looking like a kink fest but it still seems to work without snapping.  Time is running out so double pulling is recommended, hey two is quicker so why not?  ok so the clamps slip a bit and the clamp came loose once or twice, so just add a few pounds on the next pull.  Oh and you forgot to set the tension right at the beginning so you compensated for it.  The main strings end up on the bottom, you tie off short side and the knot touches the next string cause its so big and aweful, but you cut the end off and it seems to hold ok.  Start the crosses at the bottom and then weave as fast as you can... a little friction, burning won't hurt, that notching looks natural.  The cross strings start looking like a 'u' shape because you don't have time to straighten between pulls.  Its ok cause you can straighten later.  You just noticed that you misweaved at the beginning of your crosses... hopefully no one will should play the same,right?  You get to the end of the crosses and have trouble getting the string in due to blocked hole, but you get it in if you cross over the string, looks bad but hey its in, so you get the last pull, tie off and pull the knot with the machine... looks good and your done.  Awesome!... NOT.  I hope you enjoyed... drop me a note.  -Patrick

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