Dual reality is a Weiss Cannon retro cool string

Weiss Cannon offers exceptional quality tennis strings in a variety of flavors. I'm probably somewhat biased because I favor German made products, but anyway, the reviews of some of the string models are exceptional and I have heard positive feedback on the Explosiv.  Check out the complete line and to review the characteristics of each Weiss Cannon model at the website directly at weisscannon.de.  The US distributor for the strings is GutsandGlory Tennis.
The black5Edge is a 1.24 pentagonal shaped string to give that extra bite.  A soft co-poly that holds its tension well is for anyone looking to add spin without the harshness of some less forgiving poly strings.

The new string by Weiss Cannon is hip, retro and called the dual reality.  The packaging flashy and the product timely.  Hybrid racket strings are in the mainstream now and this package combination is sure to be a hit with Weiss fans.  A 1.18 poly with a 1.32 polyamid is a mix of poly power and touch and playability.  Check it out at the website for more information.

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