Check out the World Group for 2012 and first round Davis cup this weekend.

Don't miss out on the first round Davis Cup action starting this weekend.  The draws are made and the first round is about to get started.  Get stoked and be sure to tune in.  The Tennis Channel will be broadcasting as well as online feeds via the DavisCup website.  You have no excuse for missing out, check back here for daily news and updates as well.

Davis Cup is a long standing tradition and began in 1900 as a competition between Great Britain and the United States.  Now it has grown to over 130 nations competing annually.  The idea of 'Davis Cup' was created by 4 individuals on the Harvard Tennis team in 1899.  It was one of the four teammates named Dwight Davis that designed a tournament to compete against other teams.  In 1981 is when the current Davis Cup format was introduced into play and now a 16-nation group compete each year for the bragging rights!  Watch as the USA tries for another championship, the last being in 2007.

There is sure to be some gut wrenching action as teams compete for the honor of holding that trophy.  Get ready for the action to start this weekend with the first round.  The world group this year will include Argentina, Czech Republic, Japan , Spain, Austria, France, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Canada, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Serbia and the USA. 

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