Save money with Gamma Tennis Strings

I wanted to write a quick note about the Gamma Frequent Stringing Program and how it might save you a few dollars.  In the past, more tennis companies including Wilson offered a frequent stringing program, I currently only know for certain that Gamma still has their frequent stringing program.  You do not need to be an authorized retailer to take part.  You can visit the Gamma website and download the PDF instructions and order form. 

If you use Gamma strings or string rackets frequently with Gamma strings than this might be for you, I would'nt go out and stock up on Gamma strings just to take part in this program because it won't be worth the hassle then.  Be sure to save your string cards (the cardboard /  paper inserts that come with each set of string.  TNT and other premier strings are worth 10 points, save enough points and you can redeem for merchandise and even a professional grade computerized stringing machine if you save enough! 

You will need to ship the the cards to the company but return shipping of merchandise is free.  You can even get Gamma products.  If you work with Gamma products than this program may be for you.

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