Racket Stringing - Tune up your business today!

While I was sitting back relaxing on vacation I was working on some ideas about what direction to take this blog in 2012.  I am certain there will be news noteworthy of mention in no time but until then I do want to focus some time helping your stringing business along and 'tuning' up your approach to racket stringing.

Since this is the first post related to my upcoming topic for the year I will keep it light and easy here.  I hope you stay with me throughout the year and that you find this encouraging. 

It is easy to lose site of the goal, especially if this is your part - time endeavor but without change you will not make new ground!  1.  Take inventory of what your business did last year.  Do you have records of your stringing clients, the number  of frames strung, string used, profit,etc.  This is going to be my focus on the next several posts. 

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