create a great playing tennis string hybrid

Creating the perfect tennis string hybrid combination is a personal preference as much as it is an objective endeavor.  For a large portion of my hybrids the durability element is a major factor, in some instances it doesn't even come into play and this is when I can get creative.  I was reminded today while stringing a Babolat Pure Storm 95 tennis racket that you can achieve a great playing hybrid that offers the customer more benefit that if you were stringing the racket with just a good multifilament string all the way around.  My client chose to use Technifibre BiPhase 1.18 in the mains and Volkl Cyclone 1.20 in the crosses, although this combination does not last more than a week or so for my client, it provides a great feeling and playing string.  The thin multifilament provides a soft feeling powerful string that generates spin and the cyclone tames the power down some.  The racket was strung at 54 / 48 lbs.

This combination is a bit harder to string and causes more friction than if you were stringing the mains with the Cyclone and the crosses with the multifilament.  I would recommend carefully weaving the crosses and straightening the strings after each pull.  Give yourself another 5-10 minutes to string this right, the cyclone can wear into the 1.18 multifilament quickly.

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