Big Hitter Rough #1 in spin by Tourna Brand tennis string

Uniquesports has been making quality products since 1972.  In tennis Uniquesports is know for its Tournagrip patent product, it has expanded into other sports products as well.  Most products are made in the USA and therefore you can be certain you are getting a quality product.  Maybe made famous by Having Pete Sampras picture on the package or the Bryan brothers to name a few, Unique offers a solid product in its grips.  According to the Unique Sports Products, It's recent release of 'Big Hitter Rough" tennis string promises to bite into the ball like no other and that a 2/2011 USRSA poly string test rated it #1 in spin.  Big Hitter Rough by Tourna Brand tennis string has a rough pentagonal surface that bits into the ball.  Unique carries a complete line of strings and you can find out more information at its website.

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