Tennis racket and string technology updates

Being a better racket stringer requires learning and gaining knowledge about the new technology that pertains to strings and rackets.  Manufacturers continually design products with new advanced technology and new materials.  Of course we need to be discerning when we look at the information and determine how this is really going to benefit our customers, because many times, the new technology is not really going to 'wow' your basic retail customer, but we still need to understand it.  When I renew my Master Racket Technician (MRT) certification I need to review and stay current with the new technology and I would recommend it for anyone looking to be better at their craft.

The manufacturer's websites will have information on their technology including video as well and this is where I would recommend you go.  I will be posting a link to this information here as well for quick reference.

Technological information based on Manufacturer can be found below, click on the links to be taken directly to the area on the manufactuerers website for the detailed description of each technology.  IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH SOME OF THE MANUFACTURERS TECHNOLOGY PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!  This document is a work in progress and will be updated daily to provide more current information.


Alien comes in 16 or 17g (black)
Alien Tennis -  Currently offers one type of string model, a poly based string.  The company states: "We use a proprietary extrusion process of blended polymers to maximize recoil properties (power) while maintaining softness to enhance control and feel. Molecules in the string are aligned in a single direction creating an interlocked mesh. This provides superior strength and durability. Strings can lose their "memory" after being under tension for a period of time creating a "dead" feel and loss of power. No string will last forever but Alien brand strings undergo a heat and stretching process that extends the life of our strings and provide superior tension stability. "  Check out the website for more information or be taken directly to Tennis Express to purchase: 

1. Rackets -GT, Y, Woofer, Cortex System, Aero Modular, Xtra Sweetspot, Side Cortex, Cortex Active Technology.
2. Strings - IMS Technology, Hybrid, Thermogut, BT7

Boris Becker
1. Rackets - DeltaCore, Good Vibrations, Sensor Plus handle system, power Big Grommet
2. Strings

1. Rackets - Dual Core, Racket Shock, Self customizationcompare racquets.

1. Rackets - 4D Braided, Aero Bridge, Foam Tech, M-fil, Aerogel, Hotmelt, Vibrotech, Carbon Core, HD cloth, Hi-VIS cloth, HD core, Comfort Core, Vibrocore, Clay guard, HD 2, Biomimetic, Aeroskin, Gecko Tac, HM6 Carbon.

1. Rackets - Star Series: d3o, quadface, control ring, multizone grip.  Innegra, MicrogelNano Titanium ,
2. Strings - performance, durability, hybrid

Pro Kennex
1. Rackets - Q Kinetic Series, kinetic advanced, precision engineered, ionic,

1. Rackets - ex03 series

Pacific / Fischer - Late 2009 Fischer acquired by Pacific merged their technologies. 
1. Rackets - Basaltx, Zero Tolerance, Air Damping, Speedzone, PSS, Tapered Beam, Xforce line, xfeel line, constant beam.

More to come soon. last updated 1/13/2012.  Also check out the Strings page for more information on string technology.

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