NRG2, X-one biphase or NXT are tennis strings for everyone

The tennis string market has exploded with new strings and there are so many more choices than there was 10 or even 5 years ago.  More choices dosen't always necessarily mean better but in regards to tennis multifilament strings there are some great additions that have entered the market over the years.

Sometimes I become complacent and tend to promote my old favorites that I now are effective and great strings!  Along with with Wilson's classic line of NXT strings and Technifibre's classic line of NRG2 strings I think there are numerous others that are as good or even more effective today.  One such string is the Technifibre x-one biphase series.  The one characteristic that I like right out of the package is the fact that Technifibre offers some varietions in guages and that it generally lists the strings in the metric measurements.  The 1.18mm is one of the thinnest multifilament strings that I promote and find a great playing string. 

When I talk to customers regarding the potential of this string and how it compares to similiar strings I do make sure I find out more about their game because a string this thin is not for everyone.   So always continue learning about new strings and this will keep your customers coming back to you for more answers and hopefully more string jobs!

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