The babolat VS / RPM hybrid package

While stringing a clients rackets yesterday I was reminded of a important point regarding this particular Babolat hybrid string package.  The VS / RPM combination.  Since i was stringing two frames, I was able to use a complete set of VS Gut and a complete set of RPM but I soon found out how this differed from the packaged hybrid.  Althought the RPM is a spin string based on its composition and edges, when combined with natural gut, the smoothness of the string works well with the VS.  The difference is in the prepackaged combination because Babolat added a black color layer over the VS which also seems to enhance the string a bit.  Generally I favor non-colored strings to colored ones because they play different, in this combination I think the coloring is an advantage because it makes the strings feel a bit less smooth and keeps them from moving as much.  If you have experience with this string please send me an email and let me know what you think.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will be posting some new content next week.



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