Wilson Red Alert solved my durability problem

Red Alert by Wilson solved my durability dilema with a stringing client.  We were on the right track using Wilson Hollow Core 16 in the mains and Luxilon Timo 18 (1.10) in the crosses but we were not getting enough hours on the court with this string, but it played well.  Part of the problem too was that the Hollow Core was a fairly soft string and notching occured quickly especially with a thin polyester in the crosses. When the client first came to me he was using full poly at 55 lbs or so but he wanted a better feeling and playing string.  He hits the ball hard and so we needed to find a happy medium, from the full poly and something that lasts longer than the Hollow Core and Timo but still played alright. 

Red Alert is a 16g string that has a monofilament core and is described as lasting about twice as long as other synthetics.  I decided to replace the Hollow Core with the Wilson Red Alert and kept the 18 g Luxilon Timo for the crosses. Another option would be to replace the Timo with a multifilament but then the strings wouldnt glide as well and create that added spin. The tension was set at 52/46 lbs.  This combination produced a livelier playing combination than straight poly and yet kept tension much longer than the Hollow Core.   Another benefit from the string is its smooth surface glides easier with the Luxilon Timo which in turn can generate more spin for us as a added bonus. 
 Red Alert is available in a red 16 g string and has a $6.95 retail price.

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