Wilson Duo strings and hybrids for power and control

Wilson is the leader in racquet sports and offers an array of tennis strings to meet your playing style all in an easy to understand fashion.  Wilson is  not the only company competing for your loyalty and companies such as Prince, Tecnifibre, Gosen, Head and Gamma all can offer similar combinations but all companies have their strengths and specialties.  Wilson's multifilament NXT line is second to none and is something you will find in their Duo Line of Tennis Strings.  I have been on kind of a hybrid kick lately and trying to provide some valuable information to help you understand what is available in tennis string hybrids without having to create your own combinations.  Here are the DUO combinations from the Wilson Line of strings.

ULTIMATE DUO - This hybrid highlights the NXT Tour 16 as the multifilament and the Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16L.  This is a Wilson string but since they also distribute Luxilon they have incorporated it into this Duo combination.  Not all gauges are created equal and what I mean here is to say that a 16g can have several sizes within this category and that is why I tend to use the metric system and 'mm'.  The NXT TOUR is 1.30mm and the Luxilon Alu Power is a 16L and 1.25mm.  Each is 21 feet long so you can use either half in the mains and crosses to configure two hybrid combinations with this string alone.  This string will offer the ultimate in feel and some pop on the ball as well, a great multifilament / polyester combination. Three areas that it rates well in is spin, power and control. $21.95 retail price.

SENSATION DUO offers the Wilson multifilament Sensation 16g (1.30mm) and an EnDuro Pro 17g (1.25 mm) co-polymer string.  This combination provides a crisper feeling multifilament and a softer polyester than the Ultimate Duo combination.  Each half set is 20 feet long.   If you are wanting to ease into the idea of polyester than this combination might offer a softer overall feel and still providing you with a crisp and solid approach.  The Wilson Sensation is a lower priced multifilament than NXT TOUR and has different properties, I do consider it more of an entry level multifilament but it is really just a more crisper feeling string, many of my stringing clients prefer it over strings such as NXT or Prince Premiere because it isn't as 'springy' or elastic.  $9.95 retail price.

NXT DUO II - this combination from Wilson offers Luxilon Adrenaline 17g (1.25) and a Wilson NXT 16g  (1.30 mm).  This combination offers a crisp feeling combination for hard hitters along with a NXT for comfort.   Wilson recommends the Adrenaline on teh mains for durability and control but the NXT on the mains for more spin and feel.  This is a good middle of the road combination from the Ultimate Duo and the Sensation Duo.  $16.95 retail.

PRO DUO - includes Luxilon Timo 18g (1.10 mm) and Wilson Hollow Core Pro (1.27mm).  The hollowcore provides a comfort string that provides adequate feel as well and the Timo provides a thin polyester string for both durability and spin potential.  I like this combination because TImo 1.10 is one of the thinnest polyester strings and a good fit for many of my stringing clients.  The Hollow Core is a comfortable string and especially good for those coming off of tennis elbow.  I have created a hybrid combination that I use with many clients that includes the Timo 18g in the crosses and a Hollow core 16g in the mains.  $15.95 retail.

For the purpose of disclosure, I do not receive these strings for free and do not get paid to endorse these products.  I am on the Wilson Advisory for Maui.  Please note that this information is based on my experience and is my opinion only.  Full reviews of the strings can be seen at stringforum.net.

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