Which Wilson NXT string is best for my game?

The performance line of Wilson NXT strings has expanded over the years to include NXT, NXT Tour, NXT Max, NXT OS and NXT Control.  This selection includes the premium multifilament strings from WIlson.  The prices all hover around the 16 - 20 dollar range and offer some distinct differences amoung the group. 

Ask for it by name.  Over the years I have found that most customers ask for the premium string from Wilson just by saying "NXT Please" and I think many of us don't go that extra step to really figure out which of the family of NXT products might best suit the customer.  This is also a great opportunity to upsell or offer an alternative to a customer who might otherwise switch to another brand of strings.  Not all shop owners or racket stringers carry the full line of Wilson NXT products but it might be a good idea to diversify beyond the NXT string because there are distinct differences and performance options.
Wilson NXT has been around for some time now and offers performance, feel and power.  This has been a popular string amoung players and retail tennis shops.  Available in 16 and 17g.  The price for this string is around $16.95

Wilson NXT TOUR is Wilson's highest rated string for playability and therefore would provide some more feel than the basic NXT.  It is available in 16, 17 and 18g.  This would be the option for a player looking for an 18g multifilament.  The price for this string is around $18.95.

Wilson NXT CONTROL is the ultimate in a comfort / arm-friendly string.  This string is said to be an internal hybrid of sorts, with added polyester strands for control and xycromicro fibers for comfort and feel.  Give this a try if you are looking for more feel and comfort.  It is available in 16g.  The price for this string is around $16.95.

Wilson NXT MAX combines more xycro micro fibers and more polyurethane for a soft feeling, playability string.  It takes the control to the max!  It is available in 16g.  The price for this string is around $18.95.

Wilson NXT OS is basically  a 16L string with superior tension mainenance and comes in a 45 feet set for the super oversize racquets.  It is available in 16L.  The price for this string is around $18.95.

NXT - All around performance available in thinner 17g.
NXT TOUR - Highest rating for playability and thinnest of the NXT family, ultimate spin.
NXT CONTROL - arm friendly and comfortable.
NXT MAX - ultimate control and soft feel.
NXT OS - for super oversize frames

I hope this helped explain some of the basic differences of the Wilson NXT line of strings.

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