racket labels and great customer service for your stringing business.

After a few days away from writing, I am refreshed and ready to share some more ideas about stringing and your racket stringing business.  The media this week is focusing on Cincinnati as Novak Djokovic is on a hot streak on the ATP world tour.  My focus today will be on helping you with promoting your service with "Racket Stringing Labels". 

Racket labels come in all shapes, sizes and vary from stringer to stringer.  Although professionally printed labels with your logo and address and phone number are impressive, you don't need to spend this money now.  There are a couple of great options which are cost effective and still show your customer that you are a professional.  Try to stay clear of the labels that come with the string, these are too generic to make a real impact.

What information is important to have on your label?  I have found that the string name, tension, date strung are basic information that should be included.  I like to also have a second label that indicates which racket we are stringing if the customer has more than one racket.  I will create a small label with my hand held label maker: "racket 1" etc.  On the second label I will include the above mentioned basic information but I will add one additional piece of information that will keep your customer coming back again and again!

The additional piece of information is the 'dynamic tension' or reference tension number that my 'stringmeter' generates.  This is a number that is meaningless to the customer but can help you monitor your customers string tension and having them come back more often.  I have talked about the string meter before and will go into more detail in another blog post.  Having a racket label on the tennis racket is a great way to provide some basic stringing information to your customer and also it's a value added service.


I like to use a hand held label maker, its easy to use, fairly inexpensive and looks professional.  With my label maker I can print on a clear background or a color background and print two lines.  The two lines will give me enough room to print all the information that I need.  

You can also get creative by including the customers name, adding your store name and phone number,etc.

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