My racket stringing notes from today and a new string hybrid to try

Previously a stringing client with a  Wilson K Fierce tennis racquet was using Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L g in the mains and Wilson NXT 16 for the crosses with a tension of 56 / 58.  The Alu Power Rough held up nicely but the NXT frayed pretty quickly and didn't last enough for the customers preference.  The feedback from the strings were that the Alu Power rough did generate some topspin and he liked that but wanted something with more durability.

Taking into consideration that the NXT was a soft string and that the friction on the rough Luxilon might be a contributing factor to its short life, I decided to find a synthetic that was not as soft and that worked together with the poly better.  In my previous post about Wilson Red Alert and the success I have had there I decided to use this on the crosses.  I lowered the tension to 56 and installed the Red Alert tennis string.  I noticed quickly that it was a smother string and glided easier with the Luxilon Rough and most likely will last longer and also support the heavy topspin.

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