Measure your string tension for better tennis string performance

We don't all have the luxury to restring our rackets before each match like the professional tennis players but if you take your game serious and are spending hours on the court each week it is important to keep your equipment tuned up. 

1. Start with the racket, think about replacing your frame every several years to assure your frame doesn't start losing performance because stringing and normal wear will weaken the frame and will slowly start to loose its performance.  I recommend buying extra frames in the same model you like and store them away in a closet and get a new frame out every year or so and get it strung up!

2.  Restring often and check your tension for string tension loss. If you play with polyester strings it is especially important because they generally lose tension quicker than other synthetics and this could mean more wear and tear on your arm.  You can measure the tension in a few simple ways.  Purchase a stringmeter at Amazon for a small fee that will do the trick.The string meter basically measures the tension and provides you with a reference number.  You will want to take a reading right after you string the racket and then monitor your tension every few matches to see tension percentage loss.  It might seem a little complicated but its really actually simple.  The second kind of device is called the ERT 300 and is a device that clips to the strings and uses vibration frequency to measure string tension.  I would strongly advise you to use one of these two devices to keep your strings fine tuned.

3.  Keep your grip clean and replace the overgrips periodically to keep your racket from slipping.  The feel of a new overgrip sometimes just mentally prepares me better for my time out on the court.

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