A look at Gamma Zo / Gut Hybrid tennis strings

In this post I will take a look at a performance Hybrid tennis string from Gamma SPorts called Zo/Gut Hybrid. Gamma has done a great job with their product packaging and marketing and I especially like the logo design and how it has evolved over time. If you haven't tried Gamma recently well your in for a treat, they continue to design new strings and they also offer a performance string guarantee! With names like "Black Ice" and " Verve" it must be powerful. You can connect with what Gamma has too offer by subscribing to their newsletter via their website, connect on facebook or twitter to get updates and visit the website regularly.

I was happy to see that both half sets included in the Zo / Gut hybrid were at least 20 feet long. The natural gut 16g is 1.32 mm and 20 feet long. THe 16g Poly is a 16g and is 1.27 mm and 22 feet long. I have seen some hybrid combinations offer one half of the set at only 17 or 18 feet and that can be an issue if you are switching the strings around.

I strung this hybrid with the Poly in the mains and the Natural gut in the crosses. My client just came from using 100 % Babolat VS Gut but the strings did not last long in the Babolat racket. We went with the Hybrid to offer some durability but keep some of the natural gut feel. If this works out well than we might also try to reverse the string hybrid and put the gut in the mains and the poly in the crosses. The poly was easy to string up, the gut was ok, a little foggy color and not as good as the Babolat or WIlson but a good price string.

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