Keep your racket stringing database up to date and easy to access learn how here

Ok, so you took my advise and got a label maker and started placing labels on all your rackets that you string and included all the pertinent information such as tension,string name,reference tension, date,etc.  You also might consider buying a string meter like the Gamma String Tension Tester, Red/Black pictured here for around $20.00 at Amazon.

The next step or actually probably the step before creating labels is to keep accurate records of all your customer information.  There are numerous ways to keep data and I want to discuss this with detail here.  I have found 3 ways to keep this data and probably one of the methods should work for your business and budget. 

1.  Old school - this method is simple, you keep a running journal / notebook or a 3 x 5 file box or index card file as your customer information 'database'. 

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This method is simple and handy and can be easily accessed, changed and updated and is very cost effective way to keep information but needs to be organized to be effective.  I like this stye box over the basic short 3 x 5 plastic index boxes, it looks more professional and keeps you thinking BIG with a goal to fill it with new customers!

2.  Techie style- There are several Iphone apps for setting up a database to store your information and therefore you have easy access to the info.  I sometimes feel lost if I don't have access to the information, especially if i meet a client outside of the shop where I don't have access to records.  There are numerous Iphone apps that can support your tennis business and I will have a detailed blog post on this soon.  I need to do a little more research to get you the best information.  Another Idea is to create a simple database program to store your customer information on your computer.  If you join the USRSA (The United States Racket Stringers Associaton) you will have access to some great tools to help your stringing business.

3.  Web based- This is the method I use consistently.  There are several webbased database stringing websites that allow you to keep customer records and even send automatic emails to your customers and a place for customers to be able to log on to see their stringing information.  I use Stringjob for my stirnging information, there are a few others but I have found stringjob to offer what I need for the lowest cost.
I hope this helped you get your customer information current and organized.  Offering a professional stringing service includes knowing your clients racket stringing needs without having them tell you each time they visit you. 

                                              DO GREAT WORK and KEEP ON STRINGING!

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