Keep growing your stringing business one client at a time.

I was reminded earlier today that if you want to build your stringing business that you need to be consistent and professional in your approach.  In all honesty, anybody can purchase a $200 dollar stringing machine, open a book and figure out how to install a set of tennis strings in a racquet, so ask yourself why are they coming to you then for this service? 

For my clients, they want the feel that my stringing creates.  They are not concerned with the fact that I have been doing it for over 20 years or that my method is superior, it all basically comes down to feel.  I was stringing for a new client today that actually strings his own rackets but came to me because 1.  A good player he knows found my stringing to 'feel' better and wasn't getting this with his previous stringer and 2.  He wanted to see what the difference was from someone who used a computerized machine and strung the racquet 'top down'.   I truly believe that stringing a racquet the proper way on a computerized stringing machine makes all the difference, it is also the small things that I do as a stringer that makes the overall string job turn out in a way that everyone is happy with.

Just a few thoughts I had today while stringing up two frames for a new customer.

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