How to follow the US OPEN tennis championships

I was debating about the title of this post and had changed it from 'How to follow the Men's Professional Tennis Tour online" but it was only fitting that with the US Open just around the corner that I would concentrate specifically on getting you connected with the US OPEN and leave the other for another day.  As an avid tennis fan, player, tennis blogger and a previous onsite stringer at the US OPEN I hope to provide you some insight on how to stay connected over the two week period with the greatest event in professional tennis.

How connected do you want to be?  Technology has made it possible to not only recieve live scoring, video,live matches,instant tweets and emails to keep you up to the minute of what is happening.   The Media room at the US OPEN is incredible and reporters and writers are churning out articles for various publications around the globe to bring you the most current tennis during these two weeks.  There is a way that you can get access to the notes and daily media news that can help you follow the game. 

There are three websites that you will need to get familiar with:  The Official US OPEN website, the official Men's ATP TOUR website and the official Women's WTA tour website.  These three sites combined will provide the access you need in order to follow the 2011 US OPEN Tennis Championships.

HOW TO STAY CONNECTED - the breakdown.

1.  MEDIA CENTER - All Three sites will get you access to the latest media information via the Media Center link on the bottom of each page.  This information in invaluable to tennis fans and statistics geeks.  You will have access to past and present tournament stats and figures and match history.  You can also down load the 275 page 2011 ATP MEDIA GUIDE that will tell you everything you will ever need to know about professional tennis, how the tournaments are arranged, etc.  This will definetely get you connected and provide an overview of the complete tennis season.  DAILY MEDIA REVIEW - You can also visit the ATP TOUR site and at the end of everyday the media will provide an overview of the next days matches with stats.  This infomration can also help you if you are playing any type of fantasy tennis.

2.  RSS feeds.  Visit the three sites and subscribe to the RSS feeds.  You can then log on and receive the most up to date information from each of the three sites without going to each site individually.  Generally you can set up to receive the RSS feeds to your google homepage or other homepages.

3.  Live scores.  The US OPEN website has the latest live scores that you can view from any connection.  If I am working or don't have time to watch a match, I will keep the Live scores window open on my computer desktop so I can at least follow the matches with live scoring.

4.  Live Radio.  During matches you can connect with Live Radio and podcasts via the US OPEN website.  Hear match commentary and all the live action during match times all through the website.

5.  Social Networks.  Connect via twitter and Facebook to receive relevent tennis information instantly.

6.  Video and YouTube.  Video highlights provided on the official website along with the US OPEN Youtube channel provides hours of video coverage to keep you connected to the action, press conferences, highlights,etc.

7.  On the Go,  You can connect to your mobile devises to stay connected while you are on the move.  Latest info,scores and video can be provided mobile.

The information provides here helps me stay connected during the US OPEN.  Please let me know if this was helpful, connect with me on my site and come back often for more US OPEN blog posts.

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