Clean the racket prior to mounting for more professional stringing

In line with providing my readers more helpful tools and techniques to making you a better racket stringer, here is another one of my stringing tips:  Clean the racket prior to mounting.  I don’t know of many stringers who actually do this prior to stringing each time but the stringers that do are projecting a professional image.  Although customers do not always notice or thank you for cleaning their racket, I have found that clients have noticed a difference and you would be amazed to see what a little cleaning can do to that old racket!  Generally if you live in an area that has clay courts or someone used the racket as a shovel in the dirt this step can really make a difference quickly.  I have seen rackets with years of dirt and grim that can easily be wiped off with some rubbing alcohol and a cloth.  I generally will get a spray bottle and fill with rubbing alcohol.  There are several other tennis uses for this that I will discuss later.  Advertise that you do this in your promotional material.  This is a great marketing tool.  Generally I will wipe the racket down, get the dust off, clean around the grommets until all the marks are off.

Visit my racket stringing 101 page for more useful stringing tips, I am updating and adding more so please check back often and tell your friends.

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