The Bolt tennis racket website is now live

I recently wrote a blog post regarding the Bolt tennis racket and its 'zipstrip' technology.  The website is now up and running and you can check out more about the Bolt at their website.  If you have demo'ed the rackets please let me know and leave a comment.

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Anonymous said…
I had the opportunity to hit with the 100 at the Newport Tennis Hall of Fame. The frame was the stiffest frame I have used w/the most control as well. Its 'zipstrip' technology does two things that are amzing. It puts back the power in the racket you usually lose with a stiff frame and it virtually eliminates the shock. I hit 12 serves all at 100MPH + misses even with no warm up on the 1st serve.
PTR member for many years coaching HS, college and tournament players in NH
Anonymous said…
I hit with the Bolt 98L racquet a few weeks ago at my club in NYC.

I had never hit the ball with that much pace. the ball rocketed off the strings. Control was terrific as well, as the sweet spot seemed to be the entire racquet. Besides all this, there was absolutely no vibration or shock to the arm or wrist, crucial for me as I've had wrist problems all year.

I would have bought this racquet on the spot, but the 98L unfortunately wont be available until April.