3 Gamma Tennis strings to change your game!

Gamma Sports has been producing quality tennis strings since it was founded in 1974.  You can learn more about its gamma patented process at its website.  Along with value added services such as Gamma's performance guarantee and frequent string program it clearly sets the standard for performance tennis strings. 

Three recent additions to the Gamma family of tennis strings include Professional 16 (retail $19.99), Zo Verve 17 and Tnt2 Touch 16. 

The Professional features the 'live wire' multifilament technology.  Gamma describes the Professional as a crisp, solid feeling multifilament with 50% more elastic fibers.  This string is available in a 16 (1.32mm), 17 (1.27mm) and 18g (1.22mm).  Retail $ 19.95

The new Zo Verve 17g is a co-polyester for hard hitters and ultimate spin.  Available in 17 g (1.25mm) and 16 g (1.32).  Retail $17.45

The Tnt Touch is the first multifilament wiht the TNT process.  Power with control.  Available in 16g (1.32mm) and a 17g (1.27mm).  Retail $17.45

The price is on the high end but if you havent played with Gamma give them a trial run.  Please email with questions or comments

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