10 polyester tennis strings for under $10 dollars to try today!

Polyester tennis strings are here to stay and not only dominate the professional tour, they also are impacting serious tennis players and weekend warriors.  These strings are not for everyone but for some players they can add an element to your game.  Research shows that polyester strings not only provide the durability for the frequent string breaker but also the characteristics of spin and power.

Polyester tennis strings range in price from $3.00 for a set of Gosen Polylon to nearly $18.00 for some Premium priced Polyester strings.  Do we really need to be spending this kind of money to get a quality poly string?  I hope not and I can distill the myth that more expensive is better.

One way that I like to approach this subject is by looking at the marketing that goes into product introduction and distribution.  As a college graduate with a marketing degree I understand the consumer behavior component with products and marketing efforts.  I can understand that material costs, packaging costs, R & D, distribution and marketing can really add up to the bottom line of  a product but does that make it better than a product and brand that keeps business costs down and controls distribution and produces less quantity and pushes its product by word of mouth and doesn't carry the overhead?

I want to take a look at 10 Polyester strings that are priced under $10 dollars. 

1.  Wilson Endura Tour 17 or 18g.  This polyester is an offspring of the Endura line of poly strings from Wilson.  This poly boasts tension stability with a softer feel and is priced at around $3.00 per set!
2.  Babolat Duralast 16 or 17g.  This polyester is designed for big hitters and offers great durability at a $7.95 per set price tag.
3.  Boris Becker Bomber 16 or 17g.  This polyester provides a softer feel polyester with some spin and control elements.  Priced at $6.99 per set.
4.  Volkl Cyclone 18g.  This string offfers excellent ball bit and has a lively feel.  Priced at $8.70 per set.
5.  Kirschbaum Supersmash spiky is available in 16, 17, 17L.  This string offers extreme ball bite.  Priced at $8.70.
6.  Gamma Zo Twist 16g.  This polyester offers a twisted pentagonal shape design for extreme ball bite.  Priced at $9.95 per set.
7.  Head Ultra Tour is offered 1n 16 and 17g.  This string is designed with a softer, more elastic feel priced at $8.95. 
8.  Gosen Poly comfort in 16 and 17g.  This string offers a crisp string and more comfort at $6.95 per set.
9.  Gosen Polylon Ice offered in 17g.  This string offers ultimate durability and vibration dampening priced at $3.00 per set.
10.  Kirschbaum supersmash in 16 or 17g.  This German Polyester string is popular for touring players and offers the durability to withstand the hard shots.  This string is offered at $7.00 per set.

The list is not in any particular order and all 10 offer some options under 10 dollars.  When I started to look at what was available under 10 dollars I realized that I could probably expand this list to over 20 and I hope to highlight some more options to save you money. To find out how these strings rate against some of your favorites you can visit the Stringforum for string reviews on these and other strings.

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