Whatever did we do before polyester strings came along?

I was reminded today about how we had to manage before poly strings entered the market.  The Wilson 6.1 classic was strung with Prince ProBlend at 62 lbs.  My customer is a 5.5 player that can basically play with any combination and will use it till it breaks!  This type of player is not your typical tennis junkie we see today, but it reminded me of what it was like stringing rackets 15 years ago.  It seems like polyester filled a large gap in the string market.

I would recommend trying various combinations of strings in the mains and don't focus on only putting poly in the mains.  If a player needs the durability than by all means, but for other players that don't necessarily break strings, try a multifilament or other synthetic in the mains and add some playability to the hybrid.

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