Tennis racket stringing tip for working with new clients

If you treat your tennis racket stringing business as a professional service, as it should be, then spend time to get to know your new stringing client.  Sit down with him / her and have a printed out questionaire that asks the basic questions about 1.  What type of game they have.  2.  How long have they been playing.  3.  NTRP rating.  4.  Type of racket.  5.  Current tension.  6.  Current strings.  7.  Injury or arm problems.  8.  What they want the strings to do for them.  9.  What strings they have tried.  10.  Think of a few more questions and even watch them hit a few balls to get an idea of their game.  Keep accurate records and keep it in a computer database.  Think like a consultant and your racket stringing is off to a good start. 

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