Tecnifibre and The generation of NEXT and Free racket stencil!

Sometimes here at racketstringingtips.com I like to highlight companies, provide some company history and just have fun with the tennis.  I have recently been paying more attention to Tecnifibre and its product offerings.  Tecnifibre has done some great work on becoming innovative and forward looking.  This company  has been producing tennis strings for the past 30 years in Cousin Freres in Northern France.  I respect the companies that can keep production at home and the quality control shows.  Its quality products and graphically appealing packages produce an image that is both appealing and professional.  I have not played with the rackets but find the graphics appealing and the concept interesting, unlike anything I have seen with any other tennis racket manufacturer.

The T-Flash 315 speedflex is a popular frame among touring pros using Tecnifbre and the racket of choice of Marcos Baghdatis (current rank ATP 25), who is playing in the Farmers Classic in Los Angeles this week.  His first round match was a bye so tune in to see more from him this week.

FREEBIES - If you visit the official Tecnifibre website you can download a free wallpaper for your computer, very cool graphics and also the Tecnifibre Stencil for your racket.  ALthough the stencil is simple enough to do on your own since it is basically a 'triangle' it is much more convenient to download it.

Its premium string offerings include 3 top multifilament strings.  X-One Biphase is a string that was rated second on stringforum.net website for 2010 string survey in the non poly category just behind natural gut.  It was rated high on comfort and feel but low on durability.  Keep in mind that most players are not looking for a lasting string when choosing this 1.18 18g multifilament.  Overall Tecnifibre has a good representation in the Multifilament strings with X-one Biphase, NRG2 and TGV.  In the Poly category the TECNIFIBRE Pro Red Code 18 Stringand Tecnifibre Black Code Tennis String SetBlack Code are rated high. 

Tecnifibre provides a well rounded mix of strings at different price points that give enough offering but don't overwelm with too large of a selection.  Be sure to check out the latest from tecnifibre and try it for yourself.

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