sweaty smelly tennis grips no more-here is a tennis tip for you.

Here is a tennis stringing tip you can benefit from immediately.  If you have ever received a racket to string after its just been used and the grip is all sweaty or wet, then this tip is for you.  Apparently there are bacteria and germs living under those grips as well that I would prefer not to have all over my hands.  Although I make it a practice to wash my hands after each racket to wipe all the residue from the strings , its a good practice in general. 

Cut plastic strips the length of the grip and wide enough to cover the complete grip and wrap around the grip and secure with a rubber band.  This will keep you from having contact with the grip and also will keep you from getting the grip dirty.  On more than one occasion have I scuffed up the grip, or perhaps made a small mark on the grip.  I learned this tip stringing at a tournament.  We had just finished eating some pizza and one of the stringers must have had the pizza scent on his hands while handling the pro's racket.  Needless to say the player wasn't very happy to have his grip smelling like pizza!.. I learned from this experience to cover up the grip, its good for the stringer and the player.

Hope this helped, and please email if you have an questions or comments.

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