my personal review of luxilon polyester string test

Its late but I wanted to get this post out before I call it a day. I have been thinking about this for some time so I wanted to share it here.  I string a good number of rackets with poly or a hybrid that includes poly and wanted to review poly in my own racket for a change.  I have to admit here that I have seldomly strung my own rackets with poly because I like the feel of a 17 g multifilament.  I also feel that poly needs to be strung much loser in keeping with the stiffness element.  To ease into a new string such as polyester it might be suggested to string about 10 lbs less.  I generally string my 102 square inch head size at 56 lbs with a 17g multifilament.   The 1.27 Luxilon adreneline I decided to string at 45 lbs.  Initially I thought this would be too lose but I found once I started to hit the ball it fel like it provided enough control and it did give me a few new angles.  I must say that I can find the corners better on my serve and I can get the ball to drop in at angles I wasn't hitting with the multifilament.  Although I don't have that comfort and feel I had with multifilaments I was able to hit the ball hard and generate some spin on my serves.  In my next stringing I will be to try to play with 18g  (1.10) Luxilon string but perhaps in the crosses with a 17g multifilament in the main strings.

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