Keep mind of the short side of Prince speedport series rackets

While stringing a Prince o3 speed zone 100 I was reflecting on the importance of always reviewing a racket prior to installing the mains.  For the sake of time I understand how easy it is to forgo the simple step of evaluating the racket frame and getting familiar with the frame prior to stringing.  By performing a quick overview you can quickly determine if the grommets are damaged, frame cracked, excessive wear, headguard needing replaced, and if the racket mentions any thing pertaining to a short side specific stringing requirement.

Once you start installing mains and securing the tension, you would end up wasting time and potentially string if you had to release and start over.  Once you tension string I do not recommend reistalling the same set.  By pulling the string the first time you have set the string, stretched it to some degree, if your customer is discerning enough to notice it could lead to unhappy terms.

Many of the Prince speedport, O series frames require the short side be on a designated side, this would not be a factor in two-piece stringing but it matters in one piece installation.

Please email with questions and I hope this helped you save a few minutes.

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