It's the Orange and White Babolat thing! Z what?

So I strung my first Babolat Drive Z mid tennis racket today.  Although the design looks alright I am not sure yet if I like the bright orange on a tennis racket.  It came factory strung with Babolat xcel so a restring was definitely in order (not because of the string choice but because of the factory string job).  The  Recommended tension is 50 -55 lbs which I can understand  if it was a smaller head size but with a 102 square inch head I would generally  see a 10 lb tension range.  It weighs in at just 9.7 oz. and the balance being 13.5 inches. 

The 16 x 19 string pattern left the main strings finishing on the bottom.  When main strings end on the bottom your choice is to string with two piece or the traditional around the world pattern because you always want to string the cross strings TOP DOWN!  With many Babolat rackets, including the Drive Z Mid, the tie off on the top is 7T and opposite the short side (so I use the short side to provide the first cross on top and then tie off.  This might seem a bit confusing the way I am explaining but it will make sense once you start stringing.)  The last main string on the short side is the tie off hole and therefore you need to bring it across in order to tie off.

I chose to stay with a 17g multifilament and went with NXT 17g.  I strung it at 52 lbs because I wasn't sure how the tension would feel in this racket so I didn't want to end up with a string bed too tight.  The 52 lbs feels solid but still gives enough power.

This racket gives the feel of an entry level performance frame and seems like a good frame for a player looking for a lighter frame.

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