Hybrid tennis string combinations : strings for topspin hitters


Continuing on the theme today with the second part of the Hybrid tennis string combinations choice selection.  The strings discussed are already prepackaged and come as a hybrid string.  Initially I had 3 parts to this discussion but after thinking a bit further I wanted to add hybrid tennis strings designed for HEAVY  TOPSPIN HITTERS.

Several of the Hybrid tennis strings selected here might have been featured under the durability category but also can be designed for heavy topspin hitters.  Take Ashway Crossfire 18 as an example of a string with its 18 g kevlar mains as a good option for heavy topspin hitters that need some durability.  Generally any kevlar or poly string that is 18 g is a good option for heavy topspin hitters in my opinion.  Gamma Tnt2 Fusion Plus 19 g includes a 19 g aramid (kevlar) main and a 17 g tnt cross string.  Thinner strings generally contribute better to topspin and therefore are said to be for heavy topspin hitters.  Kirschbaum Hybrix Spin 17 offers 'superspiky' polyester in the mains (which has a outer rough wrap for spin) and a soft multifilament 17 in the cross strings.  The Prince Hybrid SPin 3D 16L tennis string is designed with spin in mind.  You have the 16L 3 edge poly string for the mains and a 16g synthetic for the cross strings.  Another Prince string is the Prince Hybrid Spin EXP 18 / 17 you are getting an 18 g poly in the mains and a 17g premier lite multifilament in the crosses (great spin potential with a softer feel).  Volkl V-fuse 17 g offers a poly 17g and a natural gut 17g (the ultimate feel from the natural gut with spin from the poly).  The Wilson Hyperlast spin 19 g is sure to come across as a topspin winner with a durable tensilast wrapped synthetic and a stamina synthetic string.

WORD OF CAUTION:  When purchasing prematched hybrid combinations like all the ones discussed here in the last two blog posts, it is critical to check string length if you are planning on reversing the recommended string configuration.  If you plan on using the poly on the crosses and the better performance strings on the main some half sets may not be long enough for some frames.  I have noticed that they are not always cut to 20 feet lengths, many times you might find an 18 or 19 feet half set for the crosses. It might not matter with some rackets but you could end up getting stuck if you are stringing an oversize frame.

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