Hybrid tennis string combinations

Today I want to spend some  looking at some options when it comes to buying hybrid tennis string combinations.  Some of the best hybrid tennis strings can be bought 'off the shelf' so to speak and come prepackaged and ready to try.  I create many tennis hybrid combinations myself from individual string sets and from reels but in todays competitive market, the choices are endless and you can find many already packaged together.

What are hybrid tennis strings?  Simply put hybrid tennis strings are a combination of two different tennis strings, one for the main strings and one for the cross strings.  It could be as simple as two different guages from the same string or as complex as two different guages and two different type of string composites.

I would classify hybrid tennis string combinations into several categories just as I would other types of tennis strings.  Lets break down the categories into Performance Hybrid strings, Durability hybrid strings and Comfort hybrid strings.  The name should be self explanitory here.  Todays focus will be on the Durability Hybrid string combinations that can be purchased. 


Kevlar strings are among the toughest, and can  be found in numerous string hybrids across the specturm of tennis manufacterers.  Ashway crossifire offers this in a 17 or 18g combination.  The main strings are kevlar and the cross strings are a 16g synthetic gut.  A pure durability play here.

Babolat Hybrid Pro Hurricane tour 16g +VS 16g natural gut.  This combination has the durability of the Pro Hurricane yet the playability of natural gut.  This is a durability play with ultimate feel and a regular combination with many touring professionals today.  This string combination is among the most expensive.

Babolat also offers an alternative to the natural gut by having Hurricane Tour in the main strings and XCEL in the cross strings.  THis combination provides the durability and some softer feel and power from the multifilament string at a more cost effective string.

Gamma offers the TNT2 Fusion Plus 19 g string.  The mains are a 19g Aramid or Kevlar base with a 17g TNT2 synthetic in the cross strings.  This ultimate thin string is still designed with the string breaker in mind but the thin strings allow you to also access more spin.  The reviews on Stringforum.net suggest this to be a very durable tennis string with good tension stability as well.

Head FXP Blend offers a 17g Kevlar main string and a 17g FXP multifilament in the cross strings for a durability and playabilty combination.

Kirschbaum offers a Hybrix Power 17g string that incorporates a polyester main string and a touch multifibre string.  Kirshbaum has been a popular string among the pure polyester players and now has some promising hybrid string combinations ready to buy.

The Prince Problend 16 combinations is the top seller for many years and one of the early hybrids.  This combination offers a Prince Kevlar 16 in the main strings and a 16 Prince Synthetic in the crosses.

A brief note about kevlar or Aramid strings as they are often referred too is that they are not very elastic and are not able to deflect much of the vibration that is directed upon them.  The stiffness and vibration can be felt on the arm and therefore this string should be cautiously used when tennsi elbow or chronic arm problems exist.

Wilson contributes the NXT Duo II 16g tennis string.  The main strings are the Adreneline 17g and the NXT 16g.  A great combination for a crisp feeling string. 

The various hybrid tennis string combinations can be used the traditional way for durabilty but also can provide a more performance way by reversing the strings and offering the better playing string in the mains.  More on this to follow tomorrow.

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