Have you seen the new Bolt tennis racket?

I must admit that I am very skeptical about any new brands to make it to the already crowded racket marketplace.  I truly hope these companies become profitable, but with times like these, who is going to invest in a new racket that nobody has heard of?   Bolt is said to hit the market shortly, according to the official website the product will be available august 2011.  I first ran across it earlier today will doing my daily tennis research. 

I found the link on the TennisIdentity website and thought I would check it out.  Its suspension system keeps the strings directly off the frame for a "vibration free explosive hitting", according to the director of Bolt.  Good luck, I always am pulling for the little guy.

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Bolt Team said…
Thanks for the reference. I'd be skeptical too because the market has not offered true innovation in many years. This is precisely why BOLT was launched. BOLT racs are engineered by tennis players. Solving problems is the focus. True innovation that you will feel on the first impact with a ball. August 1, go to www.boltadvance.com to demo.
patrick said…
you bet, and send a demo my way when its available and I will be happy to review it from a stringers perspective
I agree with Bolt Team, The BOLT racs are very good I have tried them on the tennis court and by playing tennis games online
Anonymous said…
I agree with bolt on the new technology...as a junior player getting ready for college..im having a tough time on deciding what frame to use for the next four years. Then during the week of the campbells hall of fame championships, i tried the new technology with the B98. And it gave me a great feel that I havent had in a long time. I know now that this frame is definetly on my mind to use in college...Good luck to the BOLT team.