Day 3 on a 30 day racket stringing journey

Day 3 on the 30 day journey to making you a better racket stringer is all about racquet prep time and all completed prior to getting ready to mount the frame for stringing.  First off, this first step should be done in the presence of the customer.  Inspect the racket and look for cracks, stress fracture and the condition of the grip itself.  If there is any sign that the racket performance will be compromised due to wear than this is the time to tell the customer and then they can decide on an alternative and maybe buy a new frame from you as well.  This might be a good time to offer a complete racket tuneup as well!

String pattern.  If you are fairly new to stringing or have a frame that looks odd to you this is the time to study the pattern prior to cutting out the strings.  Check again for grommet wear.  If you think the racket string pattern is not familiar write it down.  If you have a customer string log than write it there, if not just get it down in a journal that can be used for reference.  When I first started out stringing I would find myself writing down some patterns. 

Clean the frame, take some rubbing alcohol on a cloth and give it a good wipedown.  Sand, clay and dirt can cause some residue to build up on the frame and later transfer to the strings as well.  Your customer will be happy and surprised his /  her racket looks this good.

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