Day 2 on a 30 day racket stringing journey

Hopefully you had a chance to review the video segments from day 1.  Today I want to focus on having the correct stringing tools.  I will not get into machines and what machine you should have, that is for a whole other discussion.  I am going to focus on the essential tools you need to get the stringing job done!

I will list with pictures available from the Amazon site.  The straight awl is used anytime you need to enlarge a grommet hole or need to gently make room in a hole to get another string through.  Care should be taken with this tool, it is easy to damage string that has already been installed.  Anytime using an awl in a hole that already has another string than put some chapstick on the tip to glide it in smoothly without causing damage.

The Angle cutters are used frequently.  You will use to cut string, trim the starting piece, make a sharp point with the string and just about any other cutting of string will involve this tool.
The starting clamp is a tool you will most likely use on every racket.  You might want to have two of these.  You will use this to secure your first string when starting a racket, you will use it to secure the first cross when stringing a two piece string job and you might use this to pull your string tight on knot tie-offs.  I also like using two of these when I am stretching tennis string.  Also you would use the starting clamp when your short end is too short to pull the tension, sometimes you might come up a bit short and the last part of the string is not enough to reach the tensioning device.
Bent nose pliers are used throughout the stringing as well.  Anytime you are trying to thread the string through a hole and some resistence occurs, a bent nose pair of pliers does the trick.A good pair of gardening shears is essential in cutting the strings out of the racket.  Scissors tend to hurt your hands over time, gardening shears are tough,sharp and can cause minimal wear and vibration in your hands during cutting.  You might also use these when trimming racket grips or overgrips.

These are the essential tools needed to string a racket, there are a few additional tools that are nice to own but the main tools are listed here.  I hope this helped, make sure your tools are cleaned regularly and in good condition.

I also like to have a tool case or a bag for all my tools so they dont disappear or get misplaced.

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