Day 1 on a 30 day racket stringing journey

Ok, here is day one of your training session.  Today it is all about expanding your knowledge of strings and racket stringing at the professional level.  In some regards today you get off the hook easy because you will be sitting back and watching a few videos online.  I am constantly online reviewing tennis information and resources.  I have found a few relevant video shorts that help explain several aspects of stringing.  1.  Watch a Professional Racket stringer discuss what stringing is like on tour.  2.  Go inside the lab of Tecnifibre learn about the manufacturing side of things and string testing methods.  3.  See a review of a professional grade stringing machine and how its features are valuable to have in any machine.  4.  See some more video about professional stringing and what players are looking for.  I respect the professional narration of Nate Ferguson, the lead stringer with Priority One.  He has been doing this for many years and knows his stuff.

If you only learn one thing from these videos I hope it will be that 'consistency' is key always!  If you cannot be consistent than your stringing is worthless no matter who you are.  You can access the video in the video section of  the Tennis Warehouse website. 

Watch the following videos on the Tennis Warehouse website.  Nate Ferguson PLO 2007 / The Human Machine / Tecnifibre TF 8000 / Stringing at the French / Nate Ferguson -Cincinnati.  These videos should take you about 45 minutes to complete.

Take notes and ask questions.  Please email me with any questions or clarifications.

Disclaimer:  I am not affiliated with Tennis Warehouse or Tecnifibre strings.  I use the product but do not get paid to endorse it.

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