Time to Restring- Change only one thing for added performance

My stringing clients often come to me for help in selecting the best string for their game,racket,playing style,etc. This is my job and getting my clients in the correct gear is my top priority. The challenge sometimes becomes keeping the goal of changing up only one variable.

If you are looking to improve your game by selecting the 'best' tennis string than my recommendation is to change only one new characteristic at a time. If you decide to go with a thinner string and moving out of mono-filament and moving to polyester and want to change the tension, it is going to be hard to figure out what really worked for you.

Change only one thing!. If you want to change strings than do so but keep your tension the same, even keep the gauge of the string the same. If you change too many variables at once you won't be able to know which one worked for you. I use this method with fitting my clients with the best string for their game.

Example of how this could work for you: You are playing with the same old synthetic you have been using for 10 years. You tell your stringer you want more power. Lets keep your tension the same and use a multifilament rated for power. If you find you like this but want just a little more control with the same string than we would add 2 or 3 pounds next time. It is kind of a process of elimation sometimes finding the correct string but a lot easier if you keep everything the same except ONE VARIABLE!.

Please email me for more clarification or help.

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Anonymous said…
Can I change just my cross string on my raquet as this multifilament string does not last long but my main string shows no wear at all.