play testing tennis strings

Receive free tennis strings. Being a play tester is a great way to try new strings, give reviews and stay in the loop about the new technologies and strings hitting the marketplace. Play testing new tennis strings provides companies and the Racket Stringing Industry with valuable information and reviews for promotional purposes and research on performance.

By Joining the RSI (Racket SPorts Industry) Association/ USRSA (United States Racket Stringers Association) you can stay in the loop and sign up to play test strings. When you receive your issue in the mail you can be one of the first to sign up in your area and have a chance to playtest. It is a great way to learn about what is new on the market and to give your input. This is usually available for different playing levels as well.

Another way is to visit, occasionally companies will post the need for stringtesters. It's not as frequent as the RSI/USRSA but you might get lucky. This site is also great for learning more about strings and reading reviews about machines / strings.

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