A look back to May 2007 Tennis and Technifibre NRG2

In 2007 Maria Sharapova was already a Grand Slam Champion playing with prince rackets, Wilson was promoting K Factor rackets that brought us More Kontrol, Andre Agassi had already said farewell to the men's pro tour and Tecnifibre was seen in print advertising featuring the Bryan Brothers.

Strings come and go, some become extinct but others make it through the test of time and become what I call a staple string. As a racket stringer I want to offer a complete line of racket strings but how far should the line of multifilaments extend. Do I need to carry Wilson NXT, Technifibre NRG2, Prince Premiere, Babolat xcel, Gamma TNT Touch and ........

A good place to start in finding out your customers preferences are to start carrying the most popular strings. It won't be cost efficient to keep buying a set at a time when your customer needs it but having 6 sets of the 3 most popular multifilaments should be enough to get you started.

TNT2 had been a staple for many years, but in recent times it has faded from my top offerings. Perhaps the marketing power of the racket companies is stronger than the companies that relyheavily on string sales. Babolat, Prince and Wilson have loyal followers and a product built on reputation and great distribution channels.

If I could only carry three multifilaments it would be Wilson NXT2, Prince Premiere and Wilson Sensation. Again these are my personal preferences based on experience. I carry a larger supply of multifilament strings but I have been building a good stock for sometime. I have found that most customers are happy with NXT or Premiere. Offer the strings in 16, 17 and 18 g to provide the flexibility for your customers liking.

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