keep track of your own string tension with a stringmeter

Nothing parallels the feeling of a fresh string job. That fresh racket feel after you just got it back from your racket stringer. You might be able to hit your shots better, crisper feel and perhaps more accurate ball placement. SO how do you go about knowing when its time to restring?

You can monitor your own string job. For basically the price of one string job you can get the STRINGMETER.
The string meter will give you a reading that you can use to access your string tension. Once you get your racket back from your stringer measure the tension, record the reading and than check it again a week later, than a month. If you have lost 20-30 % of the original number than its time to restring.

WHat you might not have known is that string loses about 7-12% within 24 hours of being restrung, then it slowly starts to lose more as time and play dictates. SOme players adjust their game over time to make up for the tension loss, but if you are working on improving your game and want to be a better player, you might consider keeping your strokes the same and restringing when your strings have become out of your liking.

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