Keep a racket stringing log

Many new clients I get often don't know or can't remember much about their racket strings, tension or even the racket they use. If you play several times a week and are working on your game, make sure to keep tabs of your racket information.

A simple notebook (where you can enter your tennis practice log and stringing information )or a 3x5 card box (that you can keep the information in) will be all you need. Every time you restring, keep info on the type of string, gauge, date strung, where, price, and racket info. If you use more than one racket, write the serial number down so you can keep the info accurate.

Did you like the string? Make notes about the string, did you like, what did you not like,etc. Next time you take it into your racket stringer you can discuss the issues and possibly find something that works better.

In my next post i will talk about keeping the tension the way you want and how to monitor it yourself. I have discussed this on some prior posts but will update here.

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