Is it time for a racket tune-up?

Here are a few quick tip ideas for getting your tennis racket in the game.  Whether you are deciding to get out on the court more or are working hard to improve your game these tips are for you.

1.  Take a close look at your racket, check it out for cracks, stress fractures, even give it a good wipe down.  Get a wet wipe and just get off all the residue and dirt. 

2.  Restring as ncessary.  If you play once a year than maybe not as critical, but generally if you are playing regularly or just getting ready for the summer months, take it in to your local certified racket stringer.  (You can visit the United States Racquet Stringers Assocation and find a certified stringer in your area).  This can really make a difference and help in your ball placement. 

3.  Replace that grip.  Grips wear out and are not meant to last for the life of your racket.  A good cushion grip can also help with keeping some of that vibration off your hand.  Getting the proper grip can help you keep the racket in your hand!.  If you generally sweat more, than try a dry /absorbant type grip.  If you tend to not sweat as much than try a more tacky grip.  You can also accomplish this by putting a proper overgrip on top of the grip itself.

4.  Keep your racket out of extreme temperatures.  This includes leaving it in your car or cold garage in winter months.

Hope this helps.  Please feel free to email with specific questions.

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