How to enjoy more Wimbledon this year and iphone experience

The 2011 Wimbledon Championships will get under way in a few days. For many it will be a breathtaking time with lots of great memories. For some it will be experienced from afar. Although I have had the experience of waiting on the lawn in line for tickets (a tradition with a long history I discovered) this year I will be experiencing it online. This was the first year I had applied to be an official stringer at the event but to no preval, the team was established and is somewhat hard to access.

1) Be part of the championships by signing up for the 2011 Wimbledon Bracket challenge at Global Tennis Network. This is a great way to follow the action and the players.

2) Listen to Radio Wimbledon broadcast.

3) If you have an Iphone you can go to the Apple Store and download the app to watch Wimbledon.

4) If you have a mobile devise you can go to m.wimbledon to get more access to the Championships via wireless.


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