How to buy tennis strings on Ebay

Occassionally I pick up some great deals on Ebay for tennis strings.  There are a few things I look out for prior to bidding and I want to share them here for you.  As a past seller on Ebay, I have experience on both ends of the deal.  You will find many type of sellers offering tennis deals.

Out of Country - Be careful when purchasing tennis strings outside of the US.  The reason is due to fraud, counterfeiting and high shipping costs.  Some countries have looser restrictions on counterfeiting and / or might not have the same protection for the buyer.  Look at the sellers feedback, and see if string sets are in original maufacturer's packaging and read feedback that other customers have left.

Non Retail packaging - Some sellers will cut sets from reels and repackage or coil sets and sell them.  I would be careful because if its a string that is not marked, you don't know for certain what it really is.  Also do you trust they are cutting 40 feet exactly.  Buyer beware.

Multiple set discounts- sometimes buying strings in a lot might save you some money especially in shipping.

Buy from regular tennis sellers - some sellers sell mostly tennis items, while others have a set or two laying around.  If you buy from the latter, check closely the package design.  You might be getting a set of prince topspin but it could have been from 10 years ago.  When you start to learn what the current packaging looks like you might understand how old the string is.  Visit the large online retailers to see pics of current strings, they usually will have the latest posted.

Shipping charges - Some tennis sellers will sell you string at .01 cent but then charge you $8.00 for shipping, so really watch the shipping charges prior to bidding.  Some also offer discounts on the more you buy.

Just a few things to think about when buying tennis strings on Ebay.  Hope this helped.

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