How to buy a tennis racket stringing machine.

Is it time to buy a new stringing machine or need to upgrade. There are a few resources that I want to share here that can help you make a more informed decision.

1. Understand the difference of a constant pull / electronic machine from a manual / crank style machine. Understand what a drop weight machine is and the difference between table top and floor model machines. you can find this information by joining the USRSA and getting a resource book, visit websites such as TennisWarehouse and see their stringing machine comparison chart. You can also find some information here at

2.Price comparision. Visit places such as Amazon, Tennis Warehouse,Gamma Sports,Alpha,Ebay, Craigslist to find machines for sale.

3.Purchasing Used Equipment. Be aware that like anything used, tennis racket stringing machines need maintenance and repair like anything else. Buying a cheap quality computerized machine or a even cheaper manual machine may end up costing you more in the longrun. Do your research or email me for support. I am always happy to answer questions regarding racket stringing machines. I have used many types over the years and can provide some valuable information for you. Please email me.

4. Determine your primary goal and estimated usage to determine your price point. If you are planning on stringing one or two rackets a month or less you might just consider a low end machine for 2-300 dollars.

5. Talk to racket stringers, visit proshops and find out what stringers are saying. Read RSI (racket Sports Industry) and learn more.

This information should get you started and help you choose a racket stringing machine to match your needs.

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