best hybrid tennis string combination

Wimbledon is a few days away and as I prepare some relevant blog posts for the weeks to come I keep wanting to continue discussing hybrid string patterns. Please follow this series of posts that pertain to hybrid tennis strings, hybrid stringing and specifically to the best hybrid tennis string combinations. If you have read my blog for sometime you undoubtedly have heard my discuss hybrid tennis strings for sometime but I continue to discover new combinations and want to share them with my readers.

Hybrid stringing tends to come down to a durability vs playability issue. The idea of durability is usually what inspires players to try a hybrid in the first place. Many players don't realize that a hybrid tennis string is not just for durability, you can actually set it up for top performance.

Many players including professionals such as Roger Federer (read one of my previous posts), will put the better playing string in the main strings and use a polyester or other durable tennis string in the cross strings. Again, the main strings are the strings that are vertical on your racket and are the strings that get installed in a tennis racket first and they are said to provide the primary role in your string performance.

It's about solving a problem. When I discuss with a stringing client the issue they are trying to correct I often think about what type of hybrid would work for them.

CASE STUDY: My client is a 5.0 player and has a combination of 3 similar Prince O series frames. He hits hard and breaks string when using most synthetics. No known arm problems presented. He is fairly new to polyester but was introduced to Unique's Poly string along with several others. He wants performance and some playability along with the durability. We first tried several poly strings for the main strings and a multi-filament 17g in the cross strings. We were looking for more playability so we went to the other extreme and tried using a good synthetic in the mains and a thin poly in the cross strings. We used Wilson HollowCore 16g in the mains and Luxilon Timo 110 in the crosses. He liked this combination but it broke to soon for his liking. THE SOLUTION: Use WIlson Red Alert in the mains and use Timo 110 in the crosses. THe durability should be about double that of Hollowcore without giving up to much performance.

More hybrid string combinations to follow. Please email me your favorite combination.

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