Another look at Tecnifibre Black Code and Pro Red code

Red code or Black code? Don't let the confusion guide your purchase. In just a few sentences we can help you get the edge and know what your buying. Both Black Code and Pro Red Code are polyester based strings and come in their respective colors only (Pro Red Code in Red and Black Code in Black- you won't find a set of Pro Red Code in a black color!).

Black code comes in 4 gauges and Pro Red Code comes in 3 gauges. You will find Black code in a 1.18mm (available in 1.18mm, 1.24mm, 1.28mm and 1.32mm) and the thinnest of the two comparitively, the Pro red code comes in 1.20mm as the thinnest (available in 1.20mm, 1.25mm and 1.30mm).

Black Code retails for around $13.00 per set and Pro Red Code for around $10.00 a set.

Black Code includes Tecnifibre's Thermocore Technology to soften the structure of the string and has a pentagonal texture for more spin. Pro Red Code is a basic co-polyester monofilament for more durability.

The conclusion: Buy Black Code for spin and softer feel and buy Red Code for more durability and lower price.

Hope this helps, please email your reviews of this string.

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