Klip Venom 17g and Babolat Pure drive tennis rackets

I know I have mentioned Klip Venom 17g multifilament tennis string before on a few occasions. One of my regular customers came in today, he uses the Klip venom with his mid size babolat frames. He loves the crisp feel and the way the ball pops off the frame, he swears by this string and says it improved his game. His rackets are strung at 54 lbs. It feels like a great set up, a little tighter feeling than multifilaments such as Wilson NXT, Prince Premiere or Technifibre NRG2. If you visit Klips website they will describe Klip Venom 17g as a top seller and state that venom is"Our soft gut-like multifilament with a "Power Coil" wrap for a deeper ball pocket, vicious bite and added power. "

If you are looking for a new powerful multifilament string give this a shot.

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